LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips

These are some of the tips that we use to generate leads for our clients and our business.

✅ We connect with 25-100 (min. 25, max. 100) people every week which exactly matches their target market using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With Sales Navigator, for instance, we can choose to connect with someone who lives in the USA, ran a business for more than 10 years and is currently a consultant for less than 1 year. How cool is that!

✅ LinkedIn currently has a limit of 100 connection requests per week. If we have an email address of a person, we may connect with them even beyond the 100 connection limit. Ohh yeah!

✅ LinkedIn InMail ads are very effective when compared to newsfeed ads. More open rate!

✅ LinkedIn Insight Tag (similar to Facebook Pixel) helps in retargeting the right people. Just create an audience on the LinkedIn ad platform with people who visited specific pages of your website just by placing a LinkedIn insight tag on your website. Just takes 15-20 mins, but it is very effective in retargeting.

✅ A right personalised message without any hard sell would definitely bring in more eyeballs to your business. First and foremost, build relationships.

✅ Spending time on the LinkedIn platform by interacting with other’s post tend to bring in more traffic. I once did testing to prove this. When I spend more time on the platform, my posts got trending, otherwise, they don’t. It makes sense as LinkedIn wants us to spend more time on it.

✅ Publish content on relevant groups. It can be a WhatsApp group, Facebook group, Linkedin group, slack group. Let the right eyes see it.

✅ But, never forget the basics. Update and have an all-star profile, publish content, interact (like & comment) on other’s content, updated summary with CTA (call-to-action) are the most important as the generated leads would be wasted without these basics.

Struggling to keep up with connection requests, content creation, content design, content scheduling and interaction on LinkedIn due to your busy schedule?

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