Generating Leads & Sales on LinkedIn

I have been hearing this all the time. One problem that every B2B business faces is Lead Generation.

Last week, we set up a poll on LinkedIn, and around 62% of people mentioned that their biggest problem is “Generating Leads & Sales”.


The primary lead source for our business is LinkedIn. We get almost 70% of our B2B leads from LinkedIn only. So, I thought of sharing some insights about the principles of generating leads on LinkedIn.

Go to a quiet place, and think deeply about this before complaining that LinkedIn isn’t making any difference in your business.

  1. It takes 8-15 touchpoints for a business to generate leads on LinkedIn (not just on LinkedIn, it applies to any digital platform). Do you provide that many touchpoints to your prospects?
  2. You may NOT be able to sell a Barbie Doll to an adult man unless he has a kid who loves it. So, are you targeting the right people on LinkedIn?
  3. For instance, an accountant may be able to get more customers close to the deadline of income tax filing. So, are you targeting people at the right time on LinkedIn?
  4. Only 20% of your existing network may consider buying your products/services. Do you have enough prospects or are you running out? Do you have a plan in place to increase the number of potential prospects?
  5. Your posts are NOT reaching all your connections/followers. Do you have a plan in place to reach out to the maximum number of people on LinkedIn?
  6. Generating leads & sales is NOT just a one-off work, it has to happen all throughout the year. Are you doing LinkedIn activities consistently throughout the year??? It’s even interesting to see that 23% of the people said that they have “no time for marketing”.

It’s the balance that brings in the leads and conversion. LinkedIn content is just one part, there are so many extra elements to it for conversion.

So, what are you doing to generate leads and sales on LinkedIn? Did I miss anything? Please comment below.

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