B2B Marketing – Top 3 Reasons to use LinkedIn ads for B2B businesses

B2B Marketing – Top 3 Reasons to use LinkedIn ads for B2B businesses  :

Are you struggling to generate leads for your B2B business?

Are you looking for different possible ways to grow & scale your business digitally?

Then, LinkedIn is one of the BEST platforms to generate leads for B2B Businesses.

Though there are several digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that offer advertising with low cost per lead (CPL), low cost per click (CPC) and even detailed targeting, LinkedIn stands out for some significant reasons for marketing B2B businesses.

With nearly 830 Million users from 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional social networks in today’s digital world, with a high number of business owners and corporate professionals. With over 65 Million senior-level influencers and more than 70 Million decision-makers, around 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn exhibits several ways to generate leads namely LinkedIn invites, LinkedIn outreach, and LinkedIn events, but LinkedIn advertising holds the most powerful position for automated lead generation for B2B businesses.

The three reasons why LinkedIn Ads top the list are

#1 Audience Targeting

LinkedIn is known for its ultra-specific audience targeting, unlike Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn ads help us to target a specific industry, specific seniority level (CXO, Director, Owner), or even a specific job title, in a specific city, with a specific company headcount, making a certain turnover in business. The detailed targeting on LinkedIn ads helps B2B businesses to reach their ideal customers.

#2 Retargeting

LinkedIn authorises the users to retarget the people in 8 different ways: (1) You may retarget the people who have visited your website (Website retargeting), (2) your LinkedIn Company Page visitors, (3) your event audiences, (4) people who’d watched your videos, (5) you may also retarget people if you know their contact details like email or phone number, (6) their business accounts, (7) you can also create Lookalike audiences and (8) you may also retarget people who had filled a Lead generation form. This feature in LinkedIn is a boon as retargeting solves most of the issues in the customer journey. 

#3 Intention

When we talk about LinkedIn, it is dedicated to career growth, personal development, or even business growth, unlike the other platforms, which also have an element of entertainment like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Since B2B Products/services are primarily focused on profit and growth of a business, LinkedIn advertising is the best fit for B2B businesses.

Do you use LinkedIn ads for your B2B business? Comment below.


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