B2B Marketing – Digital Presence in the New Economy

B2B Marketing - Digital Presence in the New Economy  :

In the old days, when a potential customer was researching you and your business, you would know it, because they would have to call you or visit your store. These days, though, customers secretly research you online, and they get all the necessary information from the digital channels.

Nowadays, 70% of the B2B buying process is completed online even before the prospects speak with your sales team.

For instance, an organisation with 100-500 employees, 7 people on an average are involved in making a decision to buy a B2B product/service. When so many people are involved, naturally, the first thing the customers do is to do a quick web search, visit your website to know about your product/service, check your online reviews, and even compare it with your competitors.

Also, to know deeply about your brand’s capabilities, and to see how you solve their business problems, it’s obvious for the company executives to look at your social media platforms, primarily YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Another important piece of research they do is, to read your business case studies. Case studies are a great way of showing exactly how a product or service solves the problems of specific customers. And, even on our website, the case studies page is the most viewed page (

So, nowadays, most of the buyer’s journey is done digitally even before they meet your sales team. That’s why it’s so important for you to have a big digital footprint through both paid and organic traffic. Otherwise, the expense on sales will be very high, or even worse, there won’t be any sales.

Do you have any questions on B2B marketing and Digital Presence? Please comment below. I will answer each one of them.

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