6 Emails B2B Clients Love Getting in Their Inboxes

Do you want to boost your engagement with your B2B clients and stand out from your competitors?

With 4400% ROI on average for every email sent, Email Marketing is the king of the B2B marketing channel pack and is a great tool to win the hearts of potential and existing clients.

So naturally, you might be thinking about drafting an effective, segmented email list that can increase your clients and boost your ROI.

Here are different types of newsletters you should send to your potential and existing clients to spark their interest.

Welcome Emails

This email is equivalent to rolling out the welcome mat in the virtual space. It is the first step to establishing a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Also, these emails have high open rates, so don’t miss out on sending them out to potential clients and make them talk about your brand.

Curated Content

Whether you’re in banking, customer service, automotive, or any other B2B industry, you can curate a list of your best content and email it to your clients with links to this content.

Sharing high-value content from time to time without thinking about any profit can help you to improve your relationship with businesses and top professionals on your list to even thank you for it.

Announcement Emails

Announcement emails are about sharing newsworthy information about your brand with your subscribers.

It can be about any recent development in your company like a product launch, new changes on the website, or any other buzz-worthy updates.

You get the drift? Keep clients informed on your development that affects their business.

Events/Webinar Emails

They are the best ways to create effective communication channels with clients.

Use the power of email marketing to boost engagement and participation.

Have a webinar/event coming up? Inform your existing and potential clients about the event by sending invitations wherein you’ll offer all the vital information about the webinar or event.

Case Studies

A case study perfectly showcases how good your products or services are to potential clients.

It will display in detail how other customers have benefited from your brand.

Case study emails must have details about the scaled revenue growth of the client, customer retention/engagement rates, sales figures, customer stories, and testimonials.


The sole purpose of these emails is to publicise time-sensitive offers.

Everyone loves freebies, right?

It is a well-known fact that B2C audiences love getting promo codes and all that. It’s the same for the B2B audience as well.

So, whenever it is possible to dish out a free slice of demo sessions of your tutorials/ course and free trials of your products/services, do it.

If you are one of the 59% of companies that still don’t use email marketing, use one of these newsletter examples to help attract clients to your brand.

What’s your thought on these B2B email marketing examples?

Are there any B2B emails that you’ve tried in the past and worked well?

Share it with us by leaving a comment below!


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