Importance of Marketing Touchpoints for B2B businesses

Importance of Marketing Touchpoints for B2B businesses  :

Marketing today is defined by an advanced series of interactions with customers, and today’s savvy customers are normally being bombarded by marketing across channels.

Now the question is:

How to provide the right experience for the customers across channels?

The answer:

✔️✔️✔️ Touchpoints

So, what are touchpoints?

Touchpoints are points of interaction with a lead, qualified prospect, or potential customer at any stage of the customer journey.

In simple words, Touchpoint is a point of interaction between the business and its customers. It is a basic marketing principle that it takes seven “touchpoints” before someone will internalize and/or make a buying decision.

These touchpoints can be of many forms:

  • A physical connection, such as meeting at a networking event.
  • Seeing an ad, either physical or digital.
  • Seeing the company’s logo, maybe as a sponsor or on a brochure.
  • Seeing the social media posts on a newsfeed.
  • Receiving e-newsletter or other email marketing sequences.
  • A phone call.
  • A word-of-mouth mention by a friend or colleague, etc.

Benefits of providing several touchpoints to customers:

1) Touchpoints significantly influence customers’ perceptions of both the brand and their experience with the brand. Therefore, each touchpoint has to be considered as an opportunity to improve the customer journey.

2) Touchpoints act as ‘trust points’ as one might gain customer loyalty.

3) The brand of the company becomes recognised.

4) A sound knowledge of every touchpoint with the brand helps the brand develop better business strategies, which add meaning to every touchpoint.

5) The ROI of marketing improves significantly over time.

6) Brand image develops over time. Customers form an image based on the touchpoints and experiences with the brand.



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