Those brands whom you see killing it on social media are predominantly B2C. Successful B2B social media marketing companies do exist, but they’re the minority. Often B2B companies either struggle to seize marketing opportunities on social media or completely ignore it. Traditional strategies like cold calling still work, but they can never replace what social media has to offer. Let’s discuss a few top B2B social media strategies in the following article:

1. Choose the right platform(s)

To identify the most lucrative platforms for your business, you should analyse which social media platforms your target audience uses the most. Then you should make your content regularly available on those specific social media channels to obtain the reach and engagement that you desire.

2. Use Social Media Stories

Stories are generally highly appealing and enable B2B brands to further engage their target audience by asking questions and sharing insights. According to stats:


1. Write a blog post relating to your business. Ex: B2B marketing strategies.

2. Design attention-grabbing images outlining the top B2B strategies.

3. Post the image as stories on your social media accounts with the URL of your blog post as the caption.


This encourages your audience to engage with your business easily by visiting the full blog post, commenting and so on.

3. Influencer Marketing

It is proven time and again that your audience believes what they hear from people they trust, not you. Studies say that 83% of consumers make purchase decisions based on word-of-mouth. So you should identify influencers to whom your target social media audience is paying close attention to, who can persuade your audiences to buy your service/product.

Influencer marketing is no more limited to only celebrities or large accounts. Smaller influencers who possess followers’ trust tend to influence better.

What should your influencer do:

  • Influence – shape opinion among your target customers
  • Apt content – original, contextual, non-intrusive, and not salesy.

4. Customized Advertising

A popular report claims that social media ad spending will continue to rise in 2021. Here’s how you can customize your advertising to make the best out of your paid strategy:

Audience Segmentation

Segmenting audiences include categories based on demographics, industry, job title, and so on and deliver personalised messages and creatives.

Chatbots & Messenger ads

This is considered better than traditional social media marketing as it offers a personalized, individual-centric approach.

5. Creative Video ads

Videos are expected to invade 82% of the online traffic in 2022. B2B companies can take advantage of videos in 3 common modes:

Explainer / Demo video

Explainers are often short animated videos that narrate a story about the service that you offer. Demos are generally product-related tutorial videos.

Live video

They influence a great deal in connecting with your audience in real-time. They are perceived to be more authentic and provide a personalised experience.


Industry experts or employees shall be part of the interview, which tend to offer valuable insights to your target audience. They may be live or pre-produced.

6. Don’t shout ads at people

Who would want to go to a brand page and see infinite ‘Buy my stuff!’ posts that neither applies to their businesses nor solves their problems. Instead, think about creative ways you can stand out in the sea of marketing. You could:

  • Memes – pen down short and refreshing content yourself or extract information from experts who talk about ideas and solutions and transform them into intriguing memes.
  • GIFs – People generally remember only 20% of the text they read without visuals. On the other hand, GIFs are easy to consume and inspire viewers effortlessly.