Seeing the bigger picture is invaluable. We can help you make perceptive business decisions through an effective strategy.

The team here at the Brandupwise Digital Marketing Agency will help you overcome your marketing challenges and guide you along the right path, providing practical advice and guidance that will enable you to better market and grow your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We can provide a rigorous digital strategy document that’s supported by data – from competitors, industry insights and our proven intuition for what works in your industry.

Digital Marketing Audit

Our audit is designed to take look at your existing marketing strategy and a holistic view of the different tactics you’ve used.

Want to get Government funding to Develop your Marketing Strategy?

Do you know if you’re a registered business in NZ, you can get up to $5000 funding from ATEED (now called ‘Auckland Unlimited’) every year?

The name of the funding is “Management capability funding” – For any services listed by the service provider, you may be entitled to get 50% of the funding from the Government. You just have to pay 50% for the service.

Our company, Brandupwise Ltd has become an accreditated service provider of Auckland Unlimited (previously known as ATEED). So, if you or your friends require assistance in developing a ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ for the business, please let us know. We will help you secure the funding to grow your business.

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Please “Book a Strategy Session” to discuss the option with us, and we will help you to secure the funding.

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