Textile Collective Ltd

Developed Website and Social Media Presence Background.

  • Background

    Textile Collective Ltd. works on a wide range of projects in Films, Television, and TV commercials. They offer several services such as upholstery, pattern making and fabrication, leatherwork, canvas work, costumes, etc, and they are at their best in these services. They undertake interiors for bars and restaurants too. They have been a part of films like The Mummy, Hobbs & Shaw, Mission Impossible, Lord of the Rings, etc. Noodle cup, Lotto, Expedia, and Kiwi Burger are some of the TV Commercialsthey have worked on. Textile Collective Ltd. has also designed costumes for New Zealand Got Talent, Ablaze, etc, and props for Bombshell, Miniatures, etc. And the list continues.

  • Pain Point

    Despite having good contacts and a good body of work, Textile Collective Ltd. encountered difficulties putting across their work to everyone all the time, as they did not have any digital presence to showcase their work. Not having a proper digital presence was a hindrance in diversifying their client base.

  • The Process

    We spent hours together with all the Business Stakeholders (Founders, Executives, Marketing team members, Sales representatives, Customers, Suppliers, etc.). We understood their business to the core, and we had also researched the current trends and the updated digital tools for the Creative Industry. With that knowledge, we had developed Digital Strategy, Branding, Website Development, and Social Media Strategy. As a result of implementing these strategies, we are witnessing huge sales for this business.

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