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  • Background

    Michelle is the owner of Sage Wellness and is a Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach. She follows a non-diet and holistic approach to health and wellbeing. She guides people to reach an ideal body weight and build a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body tolive the life one wants in the body one loves. She helps people to overcome challenges such as binge eating, weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, getting stuck in the cycle of weight loss and weight gain, eating with guilt rather than joy, etc.

  • Pain Point

    The world today is getting inclined toward healthy living and even though a large population is facing problems with an unhealthy lifestyle, finding them and offering a consultation was a painful task for Michelle.

  • The Results

    As a result of the process we followed for Michelle, many people poured in through ads. She started getting more attraction on Google too.

  • The Process

    We created a landing page funnel that offered the prospects, a lead magnet, a document on “10-point checklist on how to crush night-time cravings for life”. We ran ads to invite people to visit the landing page. A good Sustainable Marketing Model was created for her business growth along with the email sequences to follow up with the prospects. Ads were also run to let people know about her work and thereby book a schedule with her or hire her for a good nutrition plan. Search Engine Optimisation was also a part of our process to get her to reach through Google.



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