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  • Background

    JRT Organisation provides Tender Coaching to the businesses that need to win. This organisation addresses all the tender needs to be customised to the client company’s budget. They relieve the pressure and manage the client company’s tender, leaving the stress and tender deadlines to them. JRT Organisation also trains on how to produce effective and compelling tender submissions time and time again.

  • Pain Point

    Despite being well recognised for their work in the business world, JRT Organisation encountered difficulties in getting new leads as they lacked a digital presence. Not having a digital presence was an obstacle to getting leads in business.

  • The Results

    As a result of our Social Media strategy, LinkedIn strategy and Lead Generation strategy, the JRT Organisation witnessed a good flow of leads and their business experienced 150X ROI in the first three months.

  • The Process

    We spent hours together with all the Business Stakeholders (Founders, Executives, Marketing team members, Sales representatives, Customers, Suppliers, etc.). We understood their business to the core, and we had also researched the current trends and the updated digital tools for the Tender Coaching Business. We organised a webinar for them and we developed LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing Strategy.



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