GECA Chartered Accountants

Generated 18 Leads through Developing a Landing Page and Running Facebook Ads.

  • Background

    GECA is a Virtual Accounting and Finance Company that helps the owners of the family business grow their profits and increase their wealth. Accounting and Taxation, Business Growth, Executive Services, and Trust and Investment Services are some of the services offered by them.

  • Pain Point

    Before collaborating with us, GECA had problems with generating Leads. They desired to work with clients beyond the referrals which was painful for them to achieve and we stepped in to find the resolution for their pain points.

  • The Results

    As a result of the process we followed for GECA, they were able to grab around 18 leads in the first three months.

  • The Process

    We fixed their existing Landing Page to make it highly converting. We ran Facebook Ads to generate leads and to captivate clients outside the referrals.

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