Executive Advisory Board

Developed an Automated Marketing Lead Generation System with the focus on weekly continuous improvement.

  • Background

    As an effect of “Great Resignation”, executives resigned their jobs either to take up other executive jobs or move onto consulting or advisory. Executive Advisory Board gave a platform for the executives to serve as an executive advisor. EABTM is an internationally respected community of trusted Executive Advisors that assist businesses and organisations to prosper in unstable market conditions. They deliver results in Strategy planning, Supply chain optimisation, Business intelligence,Business strategy planning, Robotics, etc.

  • Pain Point

    Before collaborating with us, EABTM faced difficulties to connect with proper target audience to sell their extremely high-ticket service which priced up to $25,000 per year. To create an automated marketing lead generation system for such a high-end service is extremely difficult.

  • The Results

    We created an Automated Marketing Lead Generation System which consisted of guidelines to develop a Landing Page, Marketing Workflow, Marketing Channels, guidelines for LinkedIn Marketing, run LinkedIn ads, Execution plan and Key Performance Indices (KPIs).

  • The Process

    We spent hours together with all the Business Stakeholders (Founders, Executives, Marketing team members, Sales representatives, Customers, Suppliers, etc.). We understood their business to the core, and we had also researched the current trends and the updated digital tools for Automated Marketing Lead Generation System. We had created the lead generation system and we have generated a significant number of leads for the business according to their goals and priorities.

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