CXO Insights

Developed Brand Guidelines, Logo, Website and Brand Video.

  • Background

    CXO Insights assists Consulting firms, PMO Organisations, Account Managers, Staffing management organisations, Discrete Service offering entities, Heavy machinery, Near Shore and Offshore Engagements, Captive Organisations with visibility, and many more businesses to manage idle time and improve utilisation. CXO Insights brings real-time resource availability, online forecasting, resource blocking, feedback and skills heatmap that are key for resource management.

  • Pain Point

    CXO-Insights did not have any sort of digital brand presence which was their biggest pain point. They couldn’t expand their business as they lacked a digital presence.

  • Talk with Us

    If you and your business need any sort of marketing support just like the one in our case study, please schedule a complimentary strategy session with us.

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