Head Of Supply Chain, Business Drivers

From 2 To 6 Recurring Recruitment Consulting Projects In 6 Weeks, And From 0 To 1 High Ticket Circular Supply Chain Consulting Project In 6 Weeks.

  • Background

    Business Drivers is a management consulting firm in New South Wales, Australia specializing in company advisory, business coaching, and consultant coaching with over 12+ years of experience. Business Drivers has around 5 Board members, more than 30 executive advisors serving over 500 clients in Asia-pacific, the United Kingdom and the USA. The head of the supply chain got interested in our ‘LinkedIn Personal Branding’ offer to generate high ticket professional leads and started working with us during the start of 2021.

  • Pain Point

    Before working with us, the client was struggling to gain new circular supply chain consulting projects. His main goal was to get a client in the circular supply chain and to get new recurring projects for his recruitment consulting.

  • The Results

    As a result of our foolproof ‘LinkedIn Personal Branding’ processes, systems and automation, and the effective marketing strategies, the client was able to go from 2 to 6 recurring recruitment consulting projects in 6 weeks, and from 0 to 1 High Ticket circular supply chain consulting project in 6 weeks.

  • The Process

    Immediately after the client joined our program, we had a session to clearly understand his long-term and short-term goals. His short term goal was acquiring recurring recruitment clients. So, we went ahead creating a LinkedIn strategy to acquire new clients. We advised our client to produce videos. He immediately took action believing our processes which brought in amazing results in the first few days. His long term goal was to help big organisations set up circular supply chain processes and to create sustainable systems. Although it’s his long term goal, we had kickstarted the process immediately by establishing a clear personal brand without disturbing the business brand. With a clear set of actions, we have achieved the long-term goal in less than 6 weeks. We will continue to bring in more and more clients for him. This success isn’t possible without the effort of the client himself. His work ethics very much complemented our process and gave amazing results within the first 6 weeks.

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