Take Advantage Of The World’s
Largest Professional Network –
810 Million Professionals

Mostly CEOs, VCs, Directors, Consultants, Coaches,
Entrepreneurs, and Investors.


We do all the heavy lifting while you focus on closing deals,
launching new products/services & growing your business!

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“One of the best things I’ve done in the last 12 months is to engage Brandupwise, a fantastic company…I am appearing in places I didn’t even know existed, that’s all because of Latha and her team, and that brings in a fair amount of business, I get phone calls, I get emails, I get text messages…Thank you very much!”

– David Nottage,
Founder & CEO Torque Ltd.
World Champion in Public Speaking

It’s getting difficult to generate high-quality leads, and to close them, when there are so many options and competitors out there, offering products and services at competitive  prices.

Even If you manage to differentiate your business, it’s difficult to get  attention when there’s already so much activity in the market.

You’ll always be busy chasing leads, trying different ways to acquire more clients, and making sure they don’t leave you.

It’s nearly impossible in this chaos to discover new business opportunities, start new ventures, let alone have a good work-life balance.

Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn And Stop Worrying About Finding Leads And Closing Them

LinkedIn allows you to

  • Get inbound high-quality leads and clients, instead of you chasing them
  • Retain clients/customers 
  • Have the Authority to command higher prices & increase your profits
  • Establish trust, credibility, build rapport & deep professional relationships with your clients/prospects and industry thought leaders.
  • Promote your business and services, using your influence


LinkedIn Is A “Digital Goldmine”, Especially For B2B 

  • Largest professional network with 800 Million+ members
  • 80% of B2B leads on social media come from LinkedIn
  • 4 out of 5 members drive business decision, and
  • These people are 2x more intent-driven, they come to learn, improve, make connections, grow business, they are aspirational, and are in the mood for business.

Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn And Stop Worrying About Finding Leads And Closing Them

But there’s A Big Problem!

  • It requires a plethora of knowledge about personal branding and the platform, which takes 1000s of hours of learning, and years of experience, to navigate through the critical points, with in-depth understanding of LinkedIn algorithms.
  • Day-by-day, LinkedIn will change its algorithm, and your reach will suddenly go from tens of thousands, down to only hundreds. You’ll wonder, what just happened?
  • You’ll have to work continuously & proactively to selectively send personalised connections daily and grow your network.
  • Then there are things like product-market fit, graphic designing, video editing and the Sales Navigator tool, that require really good assistance, specific expertise, and technical knowledge that you may lack.
  • 5 to 6 hours of daily frustrating, monotonous work, which doesn’t feel productive. Any rational person will give up.


100% Done-For-You, Fully-Managed

Personal Branding

Where we help CEOs, CXOs, Senior Leaders, VCs, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Consultants, Coaches and Other Professionals build a very powerful PERSONAL BRAND on LinkedIn,

which helps you generate super high-quality leads that are already interested in doing business with you, boost online visibility, grow your business, and make ventures profitable…

Our LinkedIn Personal Branding Process

Foundation Building

Full Profile Makeover

Impressive Profile Photo

Professional SEO*-Researched Headline

Cover Photo (Background image)

Location and Contact Info

Setting Custom Profile URL

“Open To” Section

An Engaging 'About' Section

List Your Complete Education


Integrate Licences And Certifications

Honours and Awards

List all your Skills

Get Endorsed by Top Leaders

And More…

Get More Recommendations


Spotlight the Services You Offer

Featured - Strategically display the Best of what you have

Adding Media, Photos, and Videos to attract Leads and create everlasting impressions

Add Relevant Skills

*SEO is Search Engine Optimisation – to move you up in the Google search results

Strategy Execution

Growth-Oriented Content Strategy

Content Planning and Execution

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Engage with Thought Leaders and build deep Professional Relationships based on Trust and Respect

Custom Growth of Your Network With Sales Navigator

Use Proven SEO*, and LinkedIn Strategies, Tips, Tricks & Techniques to grow your Online Visibility

Attract Genuine Followers

Proactive Audience Building

Build A Powerful Community

Craft Persuasive Personalised Outreach Messages - do A/B testing

Craft Personalised Follow Up Messages

Engage With Qualified Prospects

And More…

Ongoing Profile Optimisation

Record Metrics And Improve Use of Data

Generate Highly-Qualified Organic Leads

Weekly Meetings - Present KPIs Analysis and Progress

Schedule your posts and other events in advance

Promote any Business Event, Webinar or Workshop

Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn And Stop Worrying About Finding Leads And Closing Them

Become a Trusted Authority, be seen as a market leader & industry expert, negotiate for better terms in deals & command higher prices.

Establish Thought Leadership, build an impressive following, create a dedicated community around your business & promote your business with your brand.

Build Deep Professional Relationships with other industry leaders, grow your network, get more referrals, strategic partners & venture opportunities.

Generate Highly-Qualified Leads - leads that are already interested in doing business with you. Attract your ideal clients, close deals easily & retain clients for long term.

Boost your online presence & reach, appear in all the right places and build credibility, drive traffic to your website, increase your profits by reducing the Cost Of Acquisition.

Increase your Brand Recall, attract digital & traditional media attention, get featured in top publications, dominate your industry & enjoy an extra advantage in business.

Get more free time to spend with your loved ones, your family, to go on vacations. Have more work-life balance & freedom to do what you like.

 “Nothing is ever a problem for Latha and her client service cannot be faulted. I highly recommend Latha and her team!”


– Bridgette Jackson,
CEO, Equal Exes Ltd

Become a Trusted Authority, establish Thought Leadership, build Deep Professional Relationships, and generate super high-quality leads!

About BrandUpWise

BrandUpWise Ltd. is an ROI-Focused Branding and Digital Marketing Agency based in Auckland, New Zealand.

With our core strategy relying on Eliminating, Automating, and Delegating tasks to speed up your workflow, we create leverage and free up time to work on your business growth!

We are a team of extremely passionate, caring and hardworking professionals, who exist to grow your business, shape your brand, and generate profits for you.

Why Work With Us?

Because We Are Damn Good At It

Branding has always been our strength & LinkedIn Personal Branding is one of our best services where we help professionals like you build a very strong personal brand and improve online visibility.

KPI Tracking/Analysis and Weekly Meetings To Show Progress

 We constantly do KPI (Key Performance Indicators) tracking & analysis to further improve the results, show progress & brainstorm ideas in weekly meetings to discover new growth opportunities.

Unmatched Personalised
Customer Support

You can quickly reach out to us or your dedicated account manager any time & receive any technical and strategic support you need to grow your online visibility and personal brand.

A Team Of Dedicated Managers, Experts And Specialists

One person may be able to do anything but they cannot do everything.

Our dedicated managers, experts, and specialists have a keen knowledge and depth of understanding, and how to bring you extraordinary results.

Take advantage of the world’s largest professional network and build your PERSONAL BRAND – on AUTOPILOT!

Your Personal Branding Journey With Us

Take advantage of the world’s largest professional network and build your PERSONAL BRAND – on AUTOPILOT!

What our Clients Say About Us

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself, What some of our clients have to say about us!

“I started my digital marketing journey with Latha and the Brandupwise team with the development of my website. Latha and the team delivered a great result in very quick time. All bodes well for our continuing journey together.”

Alan Gagelar
CEO, Panorama Organisational Consulting

“I have been a client of Brandupwise for a number of months. Latha is the ultimate professional and has a vast knowledge of all things digital. Nothing is ever a problem for Latha and her client service cannot be faulted. I highly recommend Latha and her team!”

Bridgette Jackson
CEO, Equal Exes Ltd

“Latha provided me with an insightful website audit that’s been invaluable in boosting my SEO. She and her team know what they’re doing, and are experts in helping businesses to grow. Personally, Latha is a pleasure to deal with, very professional and has a great understanding of her client’s needs.”

Kris de Jong
Certified Executive Life Coach

I have been a client of Latha. She is one of the best at what she does. Whenever I have needed her, she has delivered by exceeding my expectations. She has always brought her creativity with my requirements that made the work ‘State of the Art’. Her ‘attention to detail’ quality makes her one step ahead in the game. And, she is superbly sincere to meet the deadlines. Being in the creative industry, understanding people is very important along the generations. Latha is one of the best at that. I highly recommend Latha as when you will work with her, you will not only receive the best works but also get the opportunity to meet a very very good human being. In fact, words are limited to describe how wonderful personality she is. Wish her all the success and happiness.

Minhaz Arefin
Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Philanthropist

Listen to what our Clients say

Literally A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

LinkedIn is where Facebook was 10 years ago, less populated, high organic reach, and content reach is really high.

But after some time, like Facebook, it’ll be harder to grow your network, your following, and to build your personal brand.

People with a strong personal brand will enjoy huge benefits,
Will generate profits, and scale their business exponentially!

Let us be your growth partners and help you

Build A Very Powerful PERSONAL BRAND on LinkedIn

Become a Trusted Authority, Establish Thought Leadership, Build Deep Professional Relationships, Boost Your Online Visibility and Generate High-Quality Leads organically!

Schedule your Complimentary ‘Linkedin Personal Branding’ Strategy Call Now with our LinkedIn Expert Team!