Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer as many questions as we can. If you have any more questions, send email to [email protected] or fill the form here

I am interested in social media marketing for my business. How may I contact you?

Please book a FREE 30-min strategy session to understand the current status of your business, and how we shall help you with your business growth. Click here to book a strategy session. 

I am interested in trying digital marketing for a month. Can you help me?

Glad that you are thinking of starting digital marketing for your business. But, one month is a very short time to notice any change in digital marketing campaigns. We highly recommend you find the right digital marketing experts and patiently try for the next 6 months before making any conclusions.

I am starting my business. Do you have digital marketing package for startups?

Congratulations for your step forward starting your business. Yes, we do have digital marketing packages for startups which includes branding & marketing strategy, Logo design, business cards, letter heads, websites, SEO social media marketing, personal branding, content writing, etc, depending on your business needs. Book a FREE strategy session here to discuss.

How may I decide the monthly budget for Social Media Marketing?

The monthly budget highly depends on number of content that has to be created, which depends on how fast you want to grow. From our experience, it is good to start off with $500-$750/month and increase it based on the analysis and your business requirements.

Are online advertising budget included in the cost of social media marketing?

No, it is NOT included. Advertising budget is an additional cost. 

I am interested in SEO for my website? Can I see results in 3 months?

SEO is an ongoing activity. You must continue to do it if you would like to stay ahead of your competitors. Seeing visible results depends highly on the keywords and search volume. On average, it is better to allow 5-6 months to see results. We request six months commitment from all our clients.

What is the cost of social media marketing per month?

The cost of social media marketing depends on your business, business strategy, number of posts per week, number of stories per week, number of videos (if required), number of ads per month, ads budget, etc. So, until we discuss your requirements, it is very difficult to decide the pricing. Please book a FREE strategy session here to discuss your requirements.

Do you help running Facebook ads on my business page?

Yes, we help running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads and YouTube ads. 



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