I am very sure many of you understand the importance of REPETITION in Marketing. But here is a true story that happened few days ago in Pak’nSave (supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand).

I met one of my students who studied Engineering Diploma in 2015. He came to Auckland from Philippines to complete his studies. Although we are friends on Facebook, I have never met his family. I keep following his personal updates on Facebook. He has a beautiful wife, and 2 young daughters. Just 3-4 months ago, I noticed that his family was getting ready for a new addition, their son. After that I kept following their updates on Facebook Newsfeed about their son, and their daughters taking care of their son, etc. This kept continuing.

On Tuesday, the 10th December 2019, I met my student, his wife, and their little son. First I wished both of them, and the second thing I said was “where are your daughters?”. Remember I haven’t met any of their family members, and the third thing I said was “OMG, you got Lucas with you, how cute he is!”. Yes, Lucas is their son’s name. They kept posting about Lucas with his name on Facebook quite a number of times, and it got registered in my mind because of REPETITION.

This real story made me realise the importance of social media marketing, whether it is personal or professional or company. Never underestimate the importance of social media marketing, and never mind repeating things on social media. I have started my journey, and I wish you all the success with your personal, professional, and company branding.

Written by Latha Karthigaa, PhD | CEO/Founder, Brandupwise Digital Marketing