Increasing your visibility on LinkedIn is one step closer to improving your B2B business online. Here are some tactics that you may consider following to increase your online visibility and your business visibility.

  1. Connect with at least 25 new people/day related to your niche in your target demographic location. Remember to send a note while inviting to connect.
  2. Invite a maximum of 25 followers every day to your business page (step no. 1 helps in driving the right traffic to the business page)
  3. Post at least one valuable content to the LinkedIn business page every day
  4. Repost all the posts from your LinkedIn business page to your personal LinkedIn profile
  5. Post at least one article per week to your personal LinkedIn profile
  6. Share the article on your LinkedIn business page
  7. Join LinkedIn groups related to your niche
  8. Share everyday post to at least one of the LinkedIn groups from business page
  9. Post at least one video per week (preferably you talking about the business)
  10. Interact with other’s content/posts (Like at least 20 posts per day, Post valuable comments to at least 10 posts per day)
  11. Interact with contents in the LinkedIn group (Like at least 5 trending posts per group, Send valuable comments to at least 3 posts per group)

Being a business owner, you may delegate some of the tasks. In the long run, these small tactics will have a major effect on your business outcomes. Please try these tactics, and share your feedback. If you have any questions or more tips, comment below. I will answer to each one of them, and will help you grow.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you‘re right. – Henry Ford